Tuesday, April 3, 2012

well, i'll beet...

when my grandmother was mildly surprised by
something she would say, 'well, i'll be.'
i inadvertently planted beets in my garden this year
and, for once, having my head in the clouds
worked in my favor.
i've never been a fan; stubbornly sticking by
my childhood line in the sand about them.
somehow, they ended up in my garden this year..
remember this
so, regardless of whether i intentionally 
planted them or not (i really have no idea and 
bought a bunch of seeds from the bulk bin at the 
feed store and the packages got wet and illegible)
my feelings about beets are warming. 
i've been taking them straight from the garden and 
adding them raw, leaves and all, to my smoothies.
the greens are as good (maybe better)
than spinach when sautéed.  next, i'm trying roasted.
raw beets have loads of folates, niacin, vitamin c,
antioxidants, vitamin a, fiber, iron, potassium.
you get the idea. 

1 comment:

  1. This makes me wish I could grow vegetables of my own! Not on our yard, I'm afraid, when the cars are driving by only a few feet away. I'm thinking of growing some little things in the coffee room where there's a lot of light now that the sun is here. Maybe herbs or something like that... :)