Monday, April 9, 2012

easter camping...

the weather has been sending us invitations 
to camp that we would have been foolish to ignore. 
we pulled the kids out of school early, hooked up
the pop up, and headed south to the llano river.
after the brutal summer last year it was wonderful
to see it up and crystal clear. we swam for days, watched
the kids ride the rapids again and again,
cooked, read books and magazines, hiked, and laid
around in the shade and sun. 
i'll take an easter smelling like river and sun
over an itchy 'ol dress any day.
1)old sesquicentennial flag chris found at an antique store.
2)cutest folks i've ever met.
3)roxie showing off her chillin' skills.
4)morning dishes by the well.
5)all. you. need.
6)one of the spots on earth where the ground feels most solid beneath me.
7)the moon and river at midnight.
8)pure d love.

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