Friday, March 30, 2012

what a difference a season makes...

we recently went back here.  
there's not another human as far as you can see.
phones don't work.  internet nope. tv nowhere in sight.
it poured while we were there.  hurricane style.  
we kept a fire in the fireplace, played boardgames,
ate, drank, ate.  when the rain would slow in between
downpours, we would run to the hot tub and soak in 
the steamy quiet.  the kids were even more quiet
than normal. at times. we watched the river rise
at least 10 feet overnight.  sitting in the
hot tub we heard a giant sound moving towards us.
ripping, grating, cracking, splashing.
we held our breath and hoped whatever it was
wasn't hungry. 
an entire tree had let go of it's hold on the bank
and was slowly and with great effort on the river's
part, making it's way downriver.  we watched and
listened to it's unlikely journey until it was
gone from sight.
the rain finally ended our last day and in time
for a final sunset salute. 

last summer we sat on rocks in the middle of this..

house and tub perched up on the mountainside.  the river is down below. 

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