Wednesday, October 19, 2011

oklahoma, take two...

i would imagine it's the rare occasion that you hear
someone say, 'want to see my oklahoma vacation photos?'
all the same, here i am doing it for the second time in as
many months. i rented this cabin back during the oven
blast days of summer in anticipation of fall color and
the tease of frost in the mornings.

(we found a swing set tucked in the forest)

(handsome pops taking it in)

(hike to the river at dusk)

we were less than an hour from the arkansas border
in the ouachita mountains, which go against the norm
in north america by running east/west rather than north/south,
wrinkling the land through arkansas and oklahoma.

a combination of the drought and lack of cold snaps
had us missing any real autumn color.
all the more reason to go back soon.
each cabin is secreted in so that from the hot tub,
deck, bathroom window, you-name-it, there is not another
human sign in sight as far as the eye can see.
we hiked to the river after breakfast and lunch
and again at dusk to bid farewell to the day and
never saw another soul.

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