Thursday, August 4, 2011

fall shadow boxes




when the twins were much smaller than they are now
i had an idea that each fall i would take them on a
nature hike where they would
gather treasures and we would put
them all in a shadow box. i can still see their
tiny fingers picking up shells, leaves, and
sycamore bark from around our first home.
i remember joe being adamant that the
plastic fork handle be placed along the
bottom below the bird's wing.
hank's has tiny snail shells he
helped glue around the top of his
above the disintegrated leaf he loved.

my plans never went
beyond the first year (and i even have some shadow
boxes in a closet upstairs) but they still love looking
at them. maybe they helped fix an otherwise ordinary
day in their memories. it certainly
worked on me...


  1. beautiful idea..I used to do those with subject from the beach! ;)

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    Thank you!