Wednesday, August 3, 2011

secret treasure

several weeks ago, we went to visit chris'
folks at their farmhouse in independence, tx.
independence has exactly one store. and nothing
else. independence is old. it was
founded in 1834 and their house was built in late 1800's.
it's a spectacular part of texas
for the trees alone. centuries old
live oak trees with gargantuan branches
that sweep the ground like octopus arms.
several months ago one blew over. evidently,
it had a sad, secret rotten center.
when it fell, it pulled up earth with it's roots.
hank, who's nine, was poking around and
came upon a lot of very old bottles.
old enough that some of them had roots growing
through their disintegrating, metal lids.
digging a bit, he discovered this one.
looking carefully inside he saw money!

he ran to
show us and we gently opened it. carefully
rolled inside was exactly $21.00.

here's the brow-wrinkler:
the bottle is old. it was buried deeply, with
other bottles with roots growing through them.
i did some research on other bottles
that had names and most were used in the 40's
and 50's.

the money is dated 2001.


1 comment:

  1. How strange! They were buried before the tree exposed them?
    No theories here but I love old bottles. Did you get to bring some home?