Tuesday, August 16, 2011

oklahoma IS ok.....

with school about to begin, i was looking for a
quick, cabin get away that was within 4 hours of home.
we had only enough time to make a drink and send
the kids off exploring the woods before chris'
patronus appeared.

the evenings actually cooled to a reasonable hot tub
temperature. nothing but trees and twilight and cicadian

the river was the kind of cold that makes you holler
and nothing but gasps come out. we were
covered with perpetual goose bumps and
it was still hot enough outside to dry your
clothes before the next dash to swim.
mission accomplished: final summer send off.
road trip with three kids short enough
to avoid straight jackets and earplugs.
recharging that vital part of us
that can only be reached by the outdoors.

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  1. wow , that one pic with the small deer. cool!