Friday, June 24, 2011


i'm not sure that i have the words to do justice to the
way i felt about belize and this trip.
i would stand on our balcony over the falls,
and get choked up and teary. chris would look at me
and nod his head that he understood.
then in the middle of a perfect silence a laugh
would burst out because if it stayed inside, well,
that would be silly!

3 kids, 40 years on earth, 10 years of marriage.
something to celebrate. and we DID!

we did so many things while we were there, so i'll not
overwhelm and will start with blancaneaux.

chris riding bike into the property. we took the bikes to big
rock falls for a swim. a great free excursion.

the view from our villa of the property.
that's the rice house by the falls where we had
dinner by candlelight on our last night.

our villa above the falls and the last villa
on the property before the hydroelectric dam
that supplies the electricity.

our private plunge pool. i could
look out over the falls from here. ridiculous!

a sweet spot half-way down our balcony stairs
looking down river toward....nothing but more falls.

one of our favorite places. the hot pool.
it's lush and the entire week we never shared it
with anyone. 100 degrees of complete joy. embryonic.

blancaneaux's pool. the entire week we were here we
only encountered two other people in the pool.
after hiking or biking, we would jump in.
if i did a loud enough cannonball, someone usually
heard us and would bring us a cold beer.
imagine that?! someone bringing ME something.

the organic terraced gardens where the veggies are grown
for breakfast lunch and dinner. smelly, buggy, and beautiful.
i could've pulled weeds there for days.

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