Monday, June 27, 2011

big rock falls...

(one of my less-bad dives)

during the week in belize, we visited big rock falls
more than once. by horseback and then by mountain bikes.
if i hadn't made such poor lemongrass mojito decisions the night
before our final day there, we would have gone again.
no worries, the hot pool set me right.

big rock falls is within the mountain pine ridge forest reserve
and just downstream from our room on the privassion creek.
the falls certainly make it seem 'more river and less creek'
and it was one of my favorite things we did.
the pools below the falls are very deep and i was coerced by
our guide, melvin, and chris to jump in from varying heights.
the 15-20 foot jump was my personal finale and
i felt no need to do anything else but sit in the
spray below the waterfall and try to catch full breaths.
the spray was so thick and cool that it took some doing.
i may not have mastered rock diving, but i'm pretty
sure i brought home some of those falls in my lungs
and my heart. i. can't. wait. to. breathe. it. again!

(horseback to falls. the pines are just beginning to recover
from the pine beetle devastation.)



  1. omg! how fun does this look!!!!!