Monday, June 8, 2009

float the swim, walk the bike, crawl the run

i did my first triathlon this past weekend and I didn't need any kind of medical attention, iv fluids, laying on of hands, or divine intervention.  well, at least i think i did it without divine assistance but who can be sure. 


my brother remembered some 'fine' liquors that he had 'found'.  
clearly, they needed to be tasted before something
as important as my first race.  what if i drowned and never knew 
what rare cream sherry tastes like?

as is evidenced by the tiny bandage on my thumb, ie: my shifting finger,
i also competed with a finger handicap.  we figured that i would be in so many other kinds of pain that i probably wouldn't be thinking much about my thumb. 

this is the lake at some ungodly hour of the morning, not long before the race began.  
it didn't seem like i was the only one who thought the course buoys were really unreasonably far from the shore.  nice sunrise, though. 

number 984.  i felt good about that number.  an odd number to start then two nice even numbers, one half of the other.  probably represents something or other.  seemed like it meant i might not drown, which was my theme fear of the race.  WAY above sunburn or humiliation. 

scary.  that's the buoy WAY out there on the horizon.  then we hooked a right and went to another buoy and then back to shore. 


  1. I love sweat.

    I admire you.


  2. I forgot to tell you how much you have inspired me. I want to work out again! You are awesome.