Tuesday, May 19, 2009

symbolism at it's best

moth love in the city

planting in the garden around three weeks ago.  
we met.  
to look at him now 
you would never know how
lair of the white worm-like
and gross he was.
i picked him up in my gloved hand 
thinking he was a funny turd-shaped rock.
he squirmed.
i screamed.
 and because i'm the best mom. ever.  
i let him live in a jar. in the kitchen. 
this morning i peeked inside like i do every morning and he was!
cursing and squealing we searched until we found him on the kitchen curtain. 

drying his feathery miracle wings. 

the day we met...

the day we said goodbye....


  1. Hello my dear friend Penny Lea. Is your full name Penelope? If so I had no idea. Or is this your alter ego's blog? xoxo

  2. no. it wouldn't let me have penny lea and i didn't realize it was the NAME of the blog. i thought it was just asking for a sign in name or something. and there you have it.......my accidental blog name. that isn't my name at all.

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  4. Your Bro here..... You are the proud mama of a Rustic Sphinx (Manduca rustica). It's parents range from southern California east to New Jersey. Larvae feed on members of the Oleaceae, Verbenaceae, Boraginaceae, and Bignoniaceae families. This species is less common than other members of the Manduca genus. or I could be wrong....

  5. whatever.....you are never wrong, remember?