Thursday, September 3, 2009

pesto for winter.....

i finally cut back most of my basil plants. i had around 100 plants that i got for free from a nursery out near my parents' place. they were leggy so i pinched them back and stuck them all around the house in all of the flower beds. some of them i pinched back and some flowered like crazy for the butterflies. i cut enough to put away several jars of pesto (and give some away) for the winter. being in texas, i think there should be plenty of warm days left before the first freeze for the plants to bounce back for another round to hoard away for winter.

some of the cut plants.....

toasting the pine nuts in a dry iron skillet....

ta da.............


  1. Well, that answers my question of whether you had any basil this year!!! I was going to bring you some, but had no idea you had planted that much. What a hook up. I still need to bring you your skirt and a bouquet of zinnias from my garden. I feel like I have seen you in months!

  2. Oh em gee, you're killing me with that gorgeous basil. And that pesto! Wouldn't you like to have me over for dinner? :D

  3. oh, yes. could you bring that freshly stocked bar of yours? it's a date!

  4. Hrm, I think next spring I'm going to get several basil plants instead of my usual one. While it has provided plenty to adorn sandwiches and pastas, etc., this summer, it hasn't been quite enough to make a big batch of pesto to freeze, as I love to do. How amazing that you would have so many!