Thursday, September 3, 2009

independence, texas

chris' parents have a farm in independence, texas. it's a tiny, hilly, lush green slice of a ghost town. the kind of ghost town that feels alive with the past. not necessarily forgotten. maybe just left behind enough that you relish the time you're there because it's unusual and distinct and special. the air above and the ground below feels full of memories. there is one blinking light and one old stone country store where you can get gas and some essentials. the cemeteries are really beautiful with their century-old live oaks and weathered grave markers. chris and i love going there because it feels so removed from....well, today. with three kids i can't really think of many places that i can lose myself watching dust motes.
it's a really special place and i feel lucky to have it in my life.


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  1. I'm a sucker for old cemeteries. And I'm loving these photos--they remind me of autochromes!