Sunday, August 5, 2012

most humble student...

"If you don't push yourself to failure,
you don't know how far you can go." dean karnazes

watching these two and thinking that if i 
could just try for a few moments each day to 
live without fear of failure; my life would be a 
whole lot closer to the way i imagine it could be.
nearly everything i would like to change is only 
held back by me.  fear, worry, self-consciousness,
ego, judgement.  
i was just thinking 'tomorrow is another day',
but that's not the best way at all.
that's how i shoot myself in the foot.
i need a rubber band on my wrist to pop myself 
every time i think about starting fresh tomorrow and
 remember to relish this moment, it's my life.
it's trigger's stick.
marvin's nap.

my guru's:
(now, if i can just quit being a putz and practice what they preach) 

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  1. I've been having these same thoughts all day, and then I saw your post. I decided this is it, no more excuses, I'll do what I need to do to get where I want to be. Both figuratively and literally. Thanks for the inspiring post!!