Monday, July 30, 2012

be the heat....

we've finally reached the part of texas' summer
where outdoor productivity is cautiously arranged
around the earth's spin and the sun's grin.
a predilection for daybreak and dusk 
shows a sound mind. 
when the sun's at her zenith, i usually try to 
find 'really important' things to get done indoors...

my dad picked wild mustang grapes out by the brazos river and my 
mom and i spent much of the heat of the day making
into some of the best jelly ever. mustang grape
jelly is my favorite and does a bang-up job 
of staining anything and everything. 

near dusk we walked the lake. suddenly, my mom started
yelling, 'hurry!  run!  come here!' and was 
gesturing to a clump of trees and scrub brush.
she was in full scout stance....ready to flee
or nab whatever she was yelling about.
we all high-tailed it over rocks and cactus to 
where she was.  she was yelling, 'there's something,
something in here!'  then we heard this sound that
i couldn't place and my dad came lurking out from the 
bushes with a coyote call.
she called him an asshole and walked off while
he grinned. they're the best.

smelly, dirty buddies.

hunter/gatherer bouquet...

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