Monday, June 18, 2012

pickin' peas...

i realize i've harped on the blazing hell
of a summer we had last year plenty. 
no amount of moaning and lamentation could 
paint a picture of the brown and scorched sadness
of it.  therefore, i will focus on the beauty of the
summer we've been nuzzling necks
with this year.

if, in my next life, i'm a black eyed pea sprout,
i want a summer just like this one.  
i choose soil just as perfectly sandy
as this spot here. 
kindly mr. vegetable farmer down the highway
plants peas every spring to turn under come fall
to liven up his soil.
he always lets us come pick pick pick.  
then we shuck shuck shuck.
this trip, a bushel and a half. 
i'll blanch them, freeze them, and cook them 
just the way we like them. with cornbread. 
all winter long.

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