Thursday, February 16, 2012

sunshine carrot..

i have dill coming up everywhere..
in between every other plant.  i let it go
to seed this past summer, with the idea to attract 
butterfly eggs.  whoops.  roxie and i were 
trying to thin some of it out of the beds yesterday
and realized how well the carrots are doing!
i did notice the white ones aren't as crisp,
but she didn't give it a thought and ate
every bit. when the boys came home from school, hank
acted put out that roxie had eaten them all so
he went and picked and ate his own while his
brother ate chocolate/oat granola.  
i'm a firm believer that if you have a picky
eater...get them in the kitchen or the garden.
even if they don't go for the greens
(like one of mine who is a meat and potatoes man), at least

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