Sunday, February 26, 2012

fish hero...

when i was a kid and the lake would overflow from rain, it was
like going feral (with snacks).  my brothers and i 
would disappear from dusk to dawn, returning home
disguised by muck and mire. 
 an overnight waterfall manifestation
in texas is like a triple rainbow sunset. when it
happens, you put anything and everything else to 
the side and drink it up.  metaphorically.  lake water
is gross to drink. promise.
i live in texas for several reasons.  numero uno being:
it's texas. duh.
a close second: my kids getting to go out to where 
i grew up and go feral for the day. last weekend we hiked
around behind the dam and at the bottom of the
miracle waterfall was a sad, gasping carp.  
things were not going his way and probably had been 
heading south for quite a while.  there were
glittery scales all over the rocks and he 
had a definite resigned look in his eye.
i pushed him into a deeper pool...
 while the board of directors considered his fate.
 down swooped his/my hero!
 he wrote his gratitude in ripples and wakes....

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