Tuesday, January 10, 2012

sourdough pretzels..

as if i don't have enough things to feed already.
dog, cats, kids, husband, fish, plants, me.
add to the list my sourdough starter. i try to 
make something at least once a week from it. this
means it has to be 'fed'.  feeding it requires
discarding a cup each time so you don't get 
overrun with a fridge bulging with starter.
i have trouble throwing the discard away so i've been
finding recipes that call for the discard. 
today was pretzels.
they were mostly eaten with really spicy mustard,
but i'm thinking a warm bowl of queso alongside 
would have been perfection.


  1. Beautiful! I love pretzels. Have never made a sourdough starter - hopefully someday - I do love its flavor.

  2. These are gorgeous. And love anything that involves spicy mustard.

    Minted Magazine