Tuesday, September 6, 2011

texas theatre


this weekend we went to see a band at the
texas theatre, where oswald hid in the moments
after shooting kennedy and where he was
captured. upstairs from the lobby and
bar area, there are great spots for chatting.
i wish i had gotten more photos of them.

the bands played behind the giant movie screen.
it was perfectly echo-y and you could see
older parts of the building that had
been partially covered over the past 80 years.

jason took us on a tour of the 'works' of
the building...the original boilers and
greasy iron machinery i won't pretend
to know the purpose of. it seemed like every
time i would stop to take a picture i
would glance up and everyone had already
descended the next spooky
staircase and i was left behind. hearing
their voices fading away from me,
i didn't take half the pictures i would
have liked, but here's a few i managed to
come away with.
(actually, i believe chris took this one)

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  1. These photos have an amazing and unique look....you have really inspired me :)

    - Scarlett