Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hello to a river...


last weekend we took a two day river vacation.
we dropped in our canoes at the possum kingdom dam
on the brazos river.
we paddled. and paddled. about twelve miles.
about an hour before dusk we set up camp on a perfect,
little island in the middle of the river. all sand
and barefoot-lovely grass. our friends made
butternut squash, corn, black beans, brussels, salsa
and honeyed pears on the fire. then we all passed
around scotch and ibuprophen out of necessity.

the coyotes made their living all night
and from every direction.
they would call to each other from each side of
the river. it would echo off the cliffs and settle down
into the river bottom.
i woke up many times during the night
and they were hard at work until just before dawn.

we had another giant meal for breakfast before shoving
off. taters, tempeh bacon, avacado, pico, beans, and tortillas.
the second day we stopped plenty, which was alright by
everyone. i feel like i gave my parts a good, solid
stretch....brain to soul.



1 comment:

  1. Few things in life make me happy as a canoe. Just thinking about it makes me happy... and long for summer.
    Good luck with your icy pipes!