Sunday, May 16, 2010



things have been mad around here. we finally got around (ie. got enough money) to paint
our monstrosity of a house. don't get me wrong, i love her dearly, but i will never buy
another wooden house again. which, of course, means that my next house will be even
more wooden and older than this one.
anymoneydownthetoilet, there have been workers/painters crawling on ladders and
subtly glancing through second floor windows like incognito peeping-toms for weeks.
i brushed my teeth for them, made out with chris, fought with chris, picked my nose,
took a nap. and those are just the things i'm aware of them seeing.
i guess i felt like my indoor performance was enough and put off outdoor chores until
they were done.
they're done and i finally got my raised beds built and the drip system installed.
i'm running a bit late on the plants for texas, but they are still gonna be kickin' by
summer. this house is so old i know the soil is filled with lead from all of the old paint
over the past century. i had 3 cubic yards of organic soil delivered (too much) and
chris and i spent the next week wheelbarrow-ing it anywhere and everywhere we could
think of to dump it. now, the plants are home and happy.
and so am i.
next stop, salsa-ville.


  1. Wow, your beds look fantastic!

  2. I love my drip system, it changed my gardening life last summer! Unfortunately I still haven't planted my beds this year. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow?

    I'm gonna have to do a drive by to see your newly painted house.