Friday, September 11, 2009


our house, being a century-old, had a summer sleeping porch on the second story. at some point in it's secret past it was enclosed and a bathroom was added. when we bought the house this room was basically the color of mud with a yellow-ish painted wood floor. the bathroom had dated and peeling maroon wallpaper and a perfectly wonderful weathered and beaten floor. we gladly bid the wallpaper adieu and i sealed the distressed, peeling, imperfect floor in the bath just the way it was and chose blue for the floor in the sunroom. the hanging light fixture had been pulled up to the ceiling and it was a fantastic surprise to find that it had chains attached to allow it to hang.

these photos are a bit old, but i like looking back at what was on the walls right after we finished the painting and scraping. the windows look out over the backyard and directly into a walnut tree that is perpetually full of birds. and, need i say anything about that clawfoot tub?

before...and partly into renovation..


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  1. You're killing me with your lovely house. That wood! The tub! That fixture! Those windows and that light! Sigh.