Thursday, September 17, 2009

she's mighty helpful.....

it's just us ladies here for the next three days. we relaxed on the porch this evening, roxie with her milk (with some green grass stuff i added in hopes of wiping out her perpetually runny nose) and i, with my sailor jerry (because he fixes everything else). we watched the rain and imagined the sunset and listened to some jackie gleason. the birds defied tradition and sang an evening lullaby thumbing their noses at the drizzle. roxie thought maybe she'd sleep late tomorrow, 7:15 am maybe?, then some eggs and toast at paris coffee house. saturday we'll take a walk by the river and look around at the antiques at the 'swine barn'. sunday will be for looking forward to seeing the guys and baking them some of these.
the rain started winding down. bedtime upon us, roxie...the generous and thoughtful young lady that she is...fed all of the cats in the entryway so they wouldn't get wet. she makes st. francis proud. helpful lump o sugar.



  1. Absolutely incredible photo...the light coming in, that precious baby, that gorgeous takes my breath away. xx

  2. OMG, that is so stinking cute. Of course I have never seen her not being cute! Can we join the ladies this weekend?

  3. A baby, a kitty, AND two kittens? You're cheating! I'm not sure on what, but you are!