Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summer camp '09

this past week a friend of mine, kristen, and i took the boys camping on the llano river. on the four hour drive home all i could think about was how whole. how at peace. how fulfilled. how lucky. how calm i felt in my chest. a lot of that had to do with kristen. she is a lesson in spontaneity, enthusiasm, acceptance, and plain old sugar sweet friendship. another part was the river. the llano is a spring-fed, cool, clear blanket of water that would rush over our shoulders, drowning out everything, arms flowing next to you like river grass.

i've been going to this spot since i was, to quote the spot's gracious owner, "an embryo". when i watch the boys running the rapids over and over, slipping on the rocks, i almost hear a satisfying click from the universe. that a piece of my life has been put in place. my kids getting to feel the same excitement, joy, and love of the moment that i felt as a kid. those feelings that as a kid feel like a bubbling in your chest. when i'm there i feel that way all over again.

each time i go there i am bowled over by how centered i feel. it always feels like home. when i die i want some of my ashes in that river. at that exact spot. thinking about that now doesn't seem morbid to me at all, but rather a sure sign that i'm blessed that i've had that place in my life from birth. and now i can sit on the rocks with my cold beer and watch my kids feeling whole on the water without even realizing it because they are so lost in the moment's joy. that's peace.

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  1. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I love that river too, but am not so blessed to have a special spot to camp each year.