Friday, August 21, 2009

she's made of firecrackers and honeysuckle.....

roxie's first day of school was this week. she's only gone for two hours twice a week and it's such a loving and wonderful little montessori. but i still get this feeling in my throat, kind of like when you used to drink the pickle juice by the tablespoon from the jar, at the thought of her growing up. initially it's such a great idea and later there tends to be a bit of regret. sometimes i can't wait until she's a little older and we can travel more easily or she can entertain herself a little more. then i realize she helps me remember to pay attention to the moment. maybe joe's card game that is endlessly complicated with rules that morph by the minute is something i shouldn't blow off just because it's impossible to win or understand. or hank's story about vikings who really came from outer space on the starship enterprise to teach people all about some kind of goat called a star-rider should be listened to with rapt attention. i can do better and who says you have to have mascara on BOTH eyes. i don't have all the time in the world and the time i do have should be mostly for these guys.

knowing roxie like i do, i have the feeling she will embrace her independence with all she's got. she was born with an excitement to be alive that gets stronger every day and i can't wait to hear the things she has to say. but i will. and i'll do my best to do it patiently and with thankfulness for now.

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  1. Gingham cutie! Her expression in that photo is amazing, too--not a single ounce of timidity.