Wednesday, July 29, 2009

upstairs guest bath

we knew there were going to be a lot of things we were going to want to/need to change when we bought a century-old home.  rather than look at the big picture we've had to think of it in terms of one project at a time so we wouldn't get overwhelmed.  everywhere you turn there is rotten wood, peeling paint, awful wallpaper, spontaneously appearing nails on the stairs.  really, it's endless.  and worth every bit of work, to me. after shoring up floors that might collapse upstairs and making sure she was solid we started on some more cosmetic re-do's.  one of the upstairs bathrooms was an painted a dark maroon with two different kinds of wallpaper, silver and maroon stripes and roses with bows.  very victorian, but more a 1982 version of victorian.  the linoleum was a strata of decades of bathroom flair. clearly, previous owners had declared their decorating style through their choice in guest bathroom flooring.   i wish i had taken more photos of before.  i think the hardest part was moving that monstrous bathtub into the hallway so we could lay the tile.  i was pregnant at the time and got out of that job!   

chris found that little corner cabinet in the garage and rebuilt it, adding shelves inside in place of a medicine cabinet. 

all in all, i love the way it came out and i can't wait to find some old oil paintings for the walls.  i'm thinking ships and stormy seas.  hank and joe would love that. 

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