Tuesday, June 30, 2009

awww.....er, ewwww!

so, there's a wild kitty at  our house that i've been unable to trap who is perpetually pregnant.  her litters don't usually make it but this time she found a safe spot for them and it happened to be under the floor of the old carriage house. three days ago, chris and i dismantled the floor to get the kittens out before they were too fast to outrun us.  chris poked a broomstick in one end while i hovered over the other end with an empty cooler to drop them into once we caught them.  there were five and they were so filthy, flea-ridden, crusty-eyed and stinky that it was hard to find them cute.  plus, they hissed a lot. clearly ungrateful. 

here's the ghetto they came from before they moved uptown to one of our bathtubs.  

wondering what horrible fate has befallen them...
things only got worse....
today...(the third day) two baths, eye antibiotic, and many bottles later...
cute. for sure.
considering i have three kids, five cats (including the wild ones i feed who keep having kittens) and seven fish, surely there is some kind soul out there who would adopt one of these kitties.  as soon as they can eat out of a bowl i'm going to have to take them to the humane society.  adopt one of these little lumps of sugar and i'll throw in a bag of garden tomatoes and a two-dollar scratchoff!  
cuteness guaranteed!

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  1. Aw, good job getting them before they were too wild. I wish I knew someone who was looking for a kitten.